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Townsfolk Expansion for Shipwrights

Townsfolk Expansion for Shipwrights

16 NZD

Released: 2015
Designer: Shem Phillips
Illustrator: Mihajlo Dimitrievski

2-5 Players
Ages 10+

The Townsfolk Expansion for Shipwrights of the North Sea is a mini expansion which expands the Worker Placement aspects of the game. Included in the expansion is a new central game board, 5 shield tokens and a rule sheet.

On their turn, players may place 1 Worker from their Village, onto the new board. The board features 5 different Townsfolk, each with a unique action for players to take. Such actions include substituting Craftsman when constructing Ships and discarding cards for Gold.

In addition to these new actions, there is 1 minor rule change: Players now start the game gaining 2 Workers each Evening Phase, rather than 1. All other rules of the base game remain.